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Casas de Santa Rita is a rural retreat located in the wine region, in the heart of Alentejo, in the beautiful historic village of Evoramonte, 150 km from Lisbon, 25 km from Evora and 15 km from Estremoz. In our homes it is possible to disconnect from the busy days and return to feel the tranquility and the nature. We take the comfort of our guests very seriously, and for that reason our accommodation units (rooms and houses) are equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay. Outside, in addition to the garden, we have a pool overlooking an olive grove and mountains and the world’s most starry sky. Do you accept our invitation?

Evoramonte, perched romantically on a barren hill in the Serra de Ossa, high above the surrounding plains, the massive round towers of the Castelo de Evoramonte are visible for tens of kilometers. The castle has been an eyrie watching out for attack and invasion since the time of reconquest. The views from the battlements are breathtaking, and wandering around the tiny village that spreads around the castle´s feet, within the secondary walls, is a delight.

Evora is a charming city that is situated in the heart of Alentejo region. Historically, Evora was a significant centre for both trade and religion, which resonates through the sheer variety of tourist sites. Most of which are all conveniently contained within the city’s ancient walls.


Evora is an ideal tourist destination and should be a definite consideration; whether visiting as a day trip. Evora has an abundance of Portuguese national monuments and is home to the second largest collection, after Lisbon. These range significantly, and together provide tourists with an absorbing cultural experience. Highlights include; an impressive Roman Temple, majestic cathedral, intriguing prehistoric standing stones and the macabre Chapel of Bones, amongst many others. The city’s quaint, cobbled streets, lined with traditional painted houses, are a delight to explore and have remained unpreserved through the generations

Estremoz, along with the nearby towns of Borba and Vila Viçosa, is the center of the marble quarrying area of the Alentejo Plain.

Located 18km from Evoramonte, Estremoz is a relaxing town to wander and enjoy the beautiful marble buildings and the views of the plain below.

Estremoz is made up of upper and lower towns. The newer, Lower Town is surrounded by a 17th century wall and is centered on the huge Rossio Marquês de Pombal square, simply referred to as “Rossio” by the locals. The large Saturday market takes places around the square selling local pottery, goats cheese, pickled plums. The 18th century Câmara Municipal (Town Hall) is on the south side of Rossio and was once a convent, though it now houses the police station; the Igreja de São Francisco (Church of St. Francis) is on the northern side of the square. A small Museu Rural displaying the famed local earthenware is on the east side of Rossio. The Upper Town is enclosed by fine zigzagging fortifications and is the most historic part of Estremoz. At its center is the bare fortress-like palace built by Dom Dinis for his wife Isabel of Aragon in the 13th century. The building was restored in the 18th century and is now called Pousada de Santa Rainha. The palace was almost completely destroyed by an explosion in the arsenal in 1698 but the Torre das Três Coroas (Tower of Three Crowns) survived – the name refers to the hands of three kings in the tower’s construction: Sancho II, Afonso III and Dom Dinis. Opposite the tower is the Museu Municipal housed in a converted almshouse with displays of furniture, wooden figures and, of course, the celebrated Estremoz pottery.

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